Ohio Sports Betting Bill is on the Cards

Ohio Sports Betting Bill is on the Cards

Last week saw the introduction of a sports betting bill aimed at legalizing and regulating this branch of gaming industry in the state of Ohio. The legislation was put forward by two State Senators, John Eklund and Sean O’Brien – one a Republican, the other one a Democrat.

Over the last month or two, sports betting has been the hot topic in the US. After the US senate lifted the PASPA act and effectively allowed the states to go down their own path of sports betting, multiple states have acted quickly and already made it legal: Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware, with Rhode Island and Pennsylvania soon to follow, are all there already. It already paid off dearly for New Jersey, who reported a total revenue of $16 million gained from sports betting during the first two weeks only!

Ohio’s bill is currently known as Senate Bill 316 and Senator O’Brien comments on the prospect of it being adopted: “My thinking right now is we already have casinos and racinos set up. I’d kind of like to keep it in those institutions because they are set up for gaming. I’m not sure we want it in every 7-Eleven …and every bar.” Both senators are looking for a working bill to be complete this fall at latest, as Ohio Legislature will be in session in September and then again in November and December. If everything goes as planned, the legalization of sports wagering could be put on the ballot in 2019. Certain points of the bill, such as taxation, still remain to be debated.

Ohio’s population is 11.6 million, making it a fairly exciting and potentially big market for sports wagering.

The proposed bill can be seen here.


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