Play Real Money Ultimate Texas Hold’em

One of the most popular poker variants across the globe, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, has been on the up-and-up for years, with live tournaments televised, and even celebrities finding their way into the mix, catapulting the game toward further success. It serves as a reinvention of a game we all know as simply, Texas Hold’em, with the main difference being that players are pitted against the dealer, rather than one another. The poker-based game has players making one raise at a time, during the course of one hand.

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Roger Snow of SHFL Entertainment is credited with having developed this particular poker variant. It is recognized as one of the latest variations of the game and is specifically very popular among casinos across the United States. When first introduced, it was made available only on multi-player electronic machines, before later being transformed into a table game.

Basic Rules

As previously stated, players go one-on-one against the dealer in this game. It is played with a standard, 52-card deck. Players are required to make two equivalent bets at the start of each hand: Ante and Blind. Both are forced bets. The Ante is required to stay in the game and allows for there to consistently be cash in the pot.  Once the two bets have been placed, two cards are then dealt to the player and the dealer, face down, with the player able to view his or her own hand. Following this, the dealer then turns over three community cards. If the player checked, a play bet equal to twice the ante may be placed. Only one play bet can be made. Following this move, two final community cards are revealed. If two checks occurred prior to this point, this is the final opportunity for the player to make a play bet. Otherwise, they must fold. The objective is to make the best possible hand using the original two dealt, and the five community cards. The dealer must have at least a pair to qualify.

Online Ultimate Texas Hold’em for Real Money

Players can look forward to this variant being available at a wide range of casinos offering table games. Despite the lack of action found in a land based casino, players won’t find much of a difference in terms of play. It’s not quite all the glitz and the glamour often seen in the media. It’s much more to the point and more convenient for users looking to play in the comfort of their own home.

Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em Online

While live casino games are typically kept to classics like blackjack and roulette, players will find that it is available for play at select online and mobile casinos. The live version brings a land based element to the table, as it is streamed live from a gaming facility, complete with real dealers. Depending on the particular casino, the game may or may not require the downloading of software to play.

Strategy Tips

The basic strategy may be difficult for some to grasp. A key moment during play comes when players are faced with the decision to bet 4x pre-flop. Should a player choose to do so, the move provides the best opportunity to get the most money out of a solid hand. Following this point, the average rule of thumb is to bet 2x if you are at least working with a pair. The same basic principle should be applied with a 1x bet following the turn and river. While it can be daunting to bet 4x pre-flop, but it can be worth it in the long run if the odds are in your favor. Utilizing this strategy gives players 50/50 odds.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em Questions and Answers:

If you’ve played the version of the game from which this one stems, then you have a pretty solid idea of what to expect. The strategy isn’t too difficult to master, but it can be expensive for players who are a bit more reserved. Those who feel as if they haven’t quite grasped the skills needed to play can browse the following questions and answers, compiled from those most commonly asked by players.

  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em is a variant of Texas Hold’em, with the main difference being that it is played against the dealer, rather than other players.

  • The game is available in a large variety of casinos, in both traditional online and more recently, live dealer versions, which allow you to play with a real dealer, cards, and table, transmitted digitally.

  • The strategy explained above proves to be one of the best, as it makes for 50/50 odds, with odds lowered when utilizing other strategies.

  • Players are required to make ante and blind bets, which must be equal. While the ante bet qualifies you for play against the dealer, the blind bet sets the stage for possible large payoffs on higher hands.

  • The dealer must have a minimum hand of a pair to open. If not, the ante is a push.

  • A paytable determines blind bet payouts. You can win up to 500-1.

  • This is an optional side bet, which can be placed prior to the beginning of a round. You can win on a Trips bet when the final hand displays three of a kind or better.

  • While many other variants have a rake, a percentage of each winning hand taken by the house. However, in the case of this version, the House can make money off an edge.

  • The answer is, no. After all community cards have been turned up, it is then that you must decide to bet or fold.

  • Both online casinos and sites offering tips and strategies on the game may provide a free version to get players acclimated and ready for real money play. It’s smart for beginners to play for free first.