Oregon Mobile Sports Betting by Next NFL Season

The state of Oregon plans on revamping their whole sports betting strategy…

…by introducing mobile sports betting for the wagers wishing to bet on the NFL among other sports events.

Although the Oregonians were quite excited about placing their bets on the NFL, it seems like they will have to wait until next season.

Already Excluded from the Ban

Although the sports betting ban was active from 1992 to May of 2018, Oregon was one of the states excluded from PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act)…

…thanks to the so-called grandfather clause.

Other countries exempt from the ban were Nevada, Delaware, and Montana.

The Main Operator

The Oregon Lottery used to run a betting game called Sports Action, allowing bettors to place their wagers on the NFL

…but could win only by getting a minimum of three correct picks.

Up until now, the state lottery has been in charge of sports betting, so now the administration wishes to remodel and modernize this type of gambling by introducing a mobile app.

The plan is to, in the beginning, allow players to bet only on the outcome of the game, but also to introduce other football-related bets in the near future.

“It’s in the black market, offshore sports betting operations that people can access. The question that we’re looking at is should there be a regulated, state-run way for people to do that,” spokesperson for the Oregon Lottery, Matthew Shelby, commented.

“If you were at an Oregon lottery retailer, potentially, you’d have the opportunity to bet on additional things. Who’s going to have the most yards in the first half, that type of thing,” Shelby added.

The Revenue

Oregon state lawmakers are still not sure about the revenue amount the state would generate from sports gambling. But, one thing that is for sure is that placing the bets on collegiate games won’t be possible…

…just like it is forbidden in other states that have legalized sports betting under their jurisdiction.

One of the reasons is the fact that state universities get the revenue from the Oregon Lottery proceeds.

Sports Betting in the USA

In May of 2018, the US Supreme Court overturned the sports betting ban from 1992 and allowed each state to decide whether they want to allow sports betting under their jurisdiction, or not.

So far, only eight US states have officially legalized sports betting, while many others have introduced their bills and are waiting for the legislative approval. The states with active sports gambling are Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, and West Virginia.


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