NFL Player Pacman Jones thrown out of Indiana Casino

Adam “Pacman” Jones’ football career has been marred by legal trouble, including a 2007 Las Vegas strip club incident that saw the NFL star suspended for one year. And now, we can add being thrown out of a casino to Jones’ long list of troubles.

As TMZ reports, Pacman was asked to leave the Hollywood Casino in Indiana because he was chewing tobacco. Jones left the casino and wasn’t arrested, however, it appears that there’s more to the matter because a “disorderly person” report was filed over the incident. Here’s one excerpt from the TMZ report:

“Multiple witnesses tell us Jones was kicked out of the casino — however, casino officials would not comment on the situation. We spoke with multiple people at the casino who tell us Pacman is a “regular” — but is far from an angel … and has been a pain in the ass on numerous occasions.”

A press release from the Lawrenceburg, Indiana Police Department cites that there was “an issue” involving Jones and it’s currently under investigation. Until the investigation is completed, the Lawrenceburg PD can’t comment any more on the situation.

Jones posted a video on Instragram in which he’s driving and complaining about outlets like TMZ reporting on him getting thrown out of the casino. He doesn’t deny being tossed from the Hollywood Casino, but rather seems angry that it’s become such a big issue.

If there’s a reason why any altercation involving Jones becomes such big news, it is definitely due to his past. Aside from the Vegas strip club shooting, where an alleged member of Jones’ entourage shot three people afterward, he was also accused of punching a woman in the face outside a nightclub in 2013 (found innocent), accused of hitting a woman outside an Atlanta strip club (arrest warrant was later withdrawn), arrested in Tennessee for public intoxication and disorderly conduct, and arrested for marijuana possession in Georgia.

Despite all of the trouble he brings, Jones has remained in the NFL for seven seasons due to his immense talent. In stints with the Tennessee Titans, Dallas Cowboys and Cincinnati Bengals, Pacman has tallied 285 tackles, eight interceptions, five forced fumbles and two touchdowns. It’s unlikely that the latest incident at Hollywood Casino will influence his standing in Cincinnati in any way.