Playboy Bunny Assisting in Blackjack At Empire City Casino

Playboy Bunny Assisting in Blackjack At Empire City Casino

The gambling sector in New York is home to many renowned rotundas, and the one from Yonkers is featuring a brand new addition to the electronic table games division. Empire City Casino has signed a partnership with Bally to integrate honorary bonus blackjack slots, but there is a spicy twist in the story.

Raquel Pomplun, the 2013 Playboy Playmate of the Year, is the casino’s brand-new ambassador and her pleasant company is going to stick with passionate blackjack players forever. At least that’s what the senior director of electronic system products, Gabe Baron said in a press release welcoming Pomplun while announcing the game’s debut.

First Mexican-American Playmate

The guests have already had an exclusive opporunity to meet and talk to Raquel on September 6th, as she appeared to promote the game in the casino’s lobby. The table game area was swarming with fans eager to get an autograph or a photo from one of the hottest stars of the game. Exclusive members were even given a commemorative t-shirt, but the most interesting part of the promo is when Raquel started answering questions about herself.

More importantly, she is the first Mexican-American Playmate of the Year ever, making her attendance quite a unique experience and addition to the casino. Many providers have made Playboy-branded titles, but her support and ambassadorship is unprecedented! As a matter of fact, her advertising skills date back from February 2016 when she launched a virtual table game at Fantasy Springs Resort along with Hiromi Oshima (also a hot Playmate).

Hard Working And Versatile

In the meantime, Raquel hasn’t been sitting idly if that’s what you think– she actually studied biochemistry at Southwestern College, and did a Playboy photoshoot with a fever of 103F.

Playmate also takes ballet lessons and continuously builds up her acting career! For those who are familiar with detective series, it might occur that Raquel appeared on Agents of Shield and even starred in a Mark Wahlberg movie, The Gambler.

Empire City Casino is certainly going to feature more beautiful Playmates in the future, but having Raquel Pomplun as one of its attaches on board will echo for a long period of time.