Playtech BGT Sports Extends Contract with Paddy Power

Playtech, which recently paid out an Israel tax settlement and its BGT Sports division (PBS), made an official announcement for the press that the company decided to prolong its deal with famous UK and Irish Bookmaker, Paddy Power…

It signed a new, multi-year contract to carry on with the maintenance of self-service betting terminals (SBBTs) in Paddy Power’s chain of sports betting shops.

New Options

All users of PBS-powered self-service betting terminals will have the opportunity to try out a trial version of new Tap2Bet option…

…that allows customers to place bets on terminals directly with their debit cards!

The new options include innovative content and unique features, as well as thousands of pre-match and in-play betting opportunities that allow users to fully enjoy their betting experience.

Word from Management

“I’m very pleased to have extended our agreement. It is a critical time for LBOs and we had a long review of our options before concluding that Playtech BGT Sports was the best one for us,“ David Newton, Managing Director Retail at Paddy Power (which recently integrated with SG Digital), said.

“Our partnership with them means we can continue to provide our customers with an increasing number of excellent in-shop betting options,“ Newton added.

Playtech On Board

“We’re delighted to have extended our deal with Paddy Power and look forward to providing their customers with the best product available over the next four years,“ John Pettit, Chief Commercial Officer at Playtech BGT Sports said in an official announcement.

“This partnership allows us to continue investing in innovation and demonstrates the faith we both have in the future of retail betting in the UK and Ireland,” he added.

Improved Betting Terminals

Playtech BGT Sports has recently introduced a series of very important improvements to their unique self-service betting terminals called SSBTs.

The customers will from now on have the opportunity to enjoy the extended cash-out periods…

…and the option will stay open for a longer period of time on matches with strong favorites. That way, the availability of the tool will increase in multiple bets.

The time available for wagers to place or cash-out bets has been lengthened while the suspension times have been reduced and the margins have been significantly improved.

Earlier, wagers had to wait for traders to settle results, but now the favorites price will be factored will the match is still live, even if the match is still not available on the selection menu.

Leveling Up

The officials from the company hope that these upgrades will bring enhancement to the customer’s overall experience…

…and will put high street shops on the same level as the online wagering options.

“We believe the retail space can, and should, offer the same experience as digital, and improving our cash-out feature is one way of doing so.

“With lower suspension times, consistent margins and more events available with the cash-out option at any one time, customers will enjoy the flexibility and choice of bet offering that they deserve,” said Pettit.


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