Predatory T&Cs to be Punished By UK Gambling Commission

The times they are a-changing for the better – at least in Great Britain, as things stand. The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has just issued a stern warning to all operators licensed under its jurisdiction that they should take preventive measures and lose all of their predatory terms and conditions by the end of the year lest they face a very severe penalty.

The UKGC wants to create a safe and fair environment for players in all casinos that were issued their license – but also to protect its own integrity and reputation. Misleading and unclear terms are often used to prey on punters which is why the Gambling Commission partnered up with Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to put a stop to this. The most common way to fool and delude players is by enticing them with bonuses and promos with tempting offers – however, diving deep into terms of those bonuses a careful observer will either find unacceptable conditions that will always favor the casino or nothing. In the last year alone, there has been a steady increase in complaints about that sort of thing from players everywhere – most commonly, after they’ve been taken advantage of.

At the moment, both UKGC and CMA are working on compiling the list of most common violations of terms and predatory conditions. After that, they will devise the manner in which operators caught cheating will be punished. The warning has been sent to all operators whose T&Cs contain predatory elements to remove and replace them with clearer and fairer terms by the end of 2017.

We salute the steps taken to protect players from fraudulent operators and we hope to see more of these precautionary measures take place in the future, worldwide.