Rhode Island In Search Of Sports Betting Companies

The Ocean State, better known as Rhode Island is officially looking for partner companies in sports wagering, as betting on athletics could soon become a reality within the state’s borders. Representatives of the lottery have issued a request for tender, stating that casinos like Twin River could soon be given exclusive rights to initial betting services on sports events.

Prior to the Supreme Court’s decision on sports wagering, the state needs to adapt its betting operations and expand offerings, including remote sports betting. According to the official statements of RIL and Governor, Gina Raimondo, the second Twin River resort could cash in an additional $23.5 million to the state’s repository per year. Nonetheless, members of the House Finance Committee are sceptic about such predictions, since wagering on sports has not yet been legalized.

On the other hand, Marc Furcolo, department of revenue director is convinced that the state needs to stay proactive and remain competitive in case the Supreme Court annuls its decision on wagering. Furcolo also added that neighboring Massachusetts has managed to attract huge names in gambling to run their land-based venues such as Wynn Casino, Atlantic Casino Cruises, MGM, Plainridge Park and more. Chances are that these establishments will be able to offer wagering on sports in a short amount of time should the USC clear a path to legalized sports gambling.

Rhode Island Lottery (Rilot) is run by the state’s government and it has full membership to the Multi-State Lottery Association, since it represents one of the seven founders from 1987. Their portfolio includes in-house draw games like The Numbers Game, Wild Money, Keno and Bingo, whereas Mega Millions, Powerball, video lottery and Lucky 4 Life belong to Multi-jurisdictional contests. Former games Lot-O-Bucks and Cashola were discontinued in 1995 and 2011.