Rhode Island Mobile Betting Bill to Become Law

Rhode Island online wagering bill named S37, that would allow placing bets via mobile, was already approved by the Senate back in February

…but now, it also passed the state’s House of Representatives approval.

So, the only thing left now is to wait for Governor, Gina Raimondo’s, approval.

Placing the Bets on Sports Events

If she signs the bill, which will most likely happen quite soon, it will automatically turn into law, so the bettors from this New England state will finally be able to place their wagers online.

The bill S37 was introduced back in January

…by Senate president, Dominick Ruggerio. As stated in the bill, Twin River casinos in Lincoln and Tiverton will be the only venues allowed to launch online and mobile sports betting.

These casinos are at the moment the only places in Rhode Island where land-based betting is permitted. Before placing online bets, each customer must register and make an account at the venue.

Also, the casinos have to use special geolocation technology in order to make sure that the customers are placing their bets within state borders.

Dividing the Revenue

Just like it was determined in the land-based bill, in the online wagering bill, the situation is the same. 51% of the revenue coming from sports betting will go to the state wallet, while 32% is going to the authorized vendors…

…and the leftover 17% will be going to the venue that is hosting sports betting under its roof.

“The new in-person sportsbook that opened in November has been very popular, with lines stretching out the doors. Expanding to mobile gaming would provide a convenient option for those wishing to enjoy this form of entertainment, and open up the economic benefits beyond the walls of Twin River,” Ruggerio said.

Since according to some investigations around 97% of sports bets were taken illegally, Ruggerio added that legalizing sports betting in the state, “gives Rhode Islanders and visitors a legal avenue to participate in an activity they enjoy, while providing a very tangible benefit to our state.”

Land-Based Sports Betting

Currently, William Hill and International Game Technology (IGT) are in charge of land-based sports gambling in Rhode Island. They partnered up back in August of 2018 to secure their spot in this New England state.

Land-based sports betting was officially legal in June 2018, but it was launched a little bit after that, on November 26 in Twin River casinos. It is interesting that in December 2018, which was the first month of legal sports gambling in this state…

…revenue skyrocketed to $957,900, while the handle came up to $13 million.

“Sports gaming provides the state with revenue that offsets reliance on taxes to support essential state services, such as education and fixing roads and bridges,” Ruggerio added.


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