Scientific Games Incorporates Tech With Lotto Brandenburg

In a recent announcement that Scientific Games shared with the public, it is confirmed that the company signed an agreement with Lotto Brandenburg as their supplier of next-generation WAVE retail point-of-sale terminals and software.

This time, the German Lottery and Scientific Games signed a new, five-year contract for their services with an opportunity to extend it to five more years.

Longtime Business Partners

The two companies are no strangers when it comes to partnering in mutual business ventures. SG has been a business partner to all 16 German lotteries for a very long time while providing Lotto Brandenburg with their services ever since 1996.

The new agreement consists of the deal that Scientific will provide Lotto Brandenburg with high-end and modern software, as well as a number of 700 WAVE retail point-of-sale terminals.

“Scientific Games is a proven innovator of lottery point-of-sale technology and continues to advance the lottery retail environment”, said Anja Bohms, managing director for Lotto Brandenburg.

“We chose the WAVE terminals because they are built for the future, they are an excellent overall technology fit for our retailers and the best value for the Lottery.”, she added.

New WAVE Terminals

The new generation WAVE terminals are improved versions of the classic WAVE design and include new full high-definition touchscreens that are high-speed and allow users to enjoy amazing clarity of the screens and fast service.

“We’re honored that Lotto Brandenburg selected Scientific Games technology, and we believe retailers and players will be very pleased with the overall retail experience.”, said Matthias Müller, managing director for Germany at SG.

“The next generation WAVE offers the combination of performance, compact design, and full HD touchscreen.”, Müller added.

Successful Partnership

Scientific Games, a Las Vegas-headquartered developer, has been also providing Lotto Brandenburg with a lottery system, instant games, and other top-notch services for years.

“We are continually investing in technologies that innovate in the lottery retail environment. Our WAVE technology and our understanding of the German market have resulted in a great solution for Lotto Brandenburg.”, said Pat McHugh, group chief executive.

“We look forward to continuing our very successful partnership with Lotto Brandenburg with these new contracts.”, she added.

Supplying 150 Lotteries Worldwide

Scientific is a provider of games, technology, and services to more than 150 lotteries globally. This company is the largest lottery systems provider in Europe and the fastest growing supplier in the U.S. In addition, they have deployed almost 80.000 WAVE terminals around the world.

In September 2018, after the incorporation of the new US law that allows sports betting in the states, Scientific Games, more specifically, their SG Digital branch, made a deal with Caesars Entertainment.

The famous American company launched its very own sportsbook at two Mississippi casinos in cooperation with this game developer and platform supplier, or, to be more specific, their digital branch.


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