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Slot machines bring in between 60% and 70% of the revenue for most online and land-based casinos. Gamblers love playing the slots because they offer big payouts and flashy graphics without the need to learn a bunch of strategies. While blackjack players are grinding away for 1:1 and 3:2 payouts, a real money slots player has the expectation that any hand can be a large fixed jackpot or an even larger progressive jackpot.

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Real Money Slot Machines Prizes

Some slots prizes are so big they can change your standard of living. American slots players haven’t always been able to find good real money casinos online to enjoy their favorite type of bets, though. This page explains why that is, why things are changing at the present, and where US players can find real money casinos.

UIGEA Pushed out Old Slot Casinos

In September of 2006, the U.S. Congress voted into the existence of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Politicians actually used an underhanded tactic to tack the bill onto the Safe Port Act, because such a comprehensive anti-gambling law could never have been passed on its own merits–it had to be combined with a law that almost no politician would have voted against in a mid-term election year.

The UIGEA greatly expanded the federal agencies’ ability to prosecute gambling operators, because it expanded the definition of the 1961 Wire Act to include most bet-related money transactions used in online gambling. Most of the big online casinos, such as Ladbrokes, William Hill, and Paddy Poker left the American industry within months. The big UK and European casino software design companies, such as Playtech, Microgaming, Cryptologic, Net Ent, and IGT, also left the American online betting industry. Almost overnight, the world’s largest gambling community found itself desperate for online gambling.

No form of gambling was more affected than real money online slots. Real money gambling for the one-armed bandits dried up in a matter of months. U.S. players who funded accounts on sites like William Hill, Ladbrokes, Bovada (Bodog), or 888 Casino suddenly found they could no longer play for real cash. They had to withdraw their money and find a new game.

Playing Real Money Slots

Slots_RTG_Count_Spectacular2007 to 2013 proved to be lean years for American slots gamblers who wanted to find legitimate real money slot machine operations online. Realtime Gaming had its network of sites, including the successful Bodog/Bovada brand of game. Meanwhile, Rival Gaming and Topgame Technology built smaller networks, while groups like the Cake Network continued to operate. These various companies were often based in the Caribbean, and not all of them had good reputations (though some did). US players could find a game, but the experience wasn’t always as positive as it was when they were playing at casinos whose parent companies were listed on the London Stock Exchange.

State Licensed Online Casinos

In late 2011, the U.S. Department of Justice announced it was changing its stance on its interpretation of the Wire Act. The new interpretation states the federal authorities have the right to prosecute violations of the Wire Act as it pertains to sports betting, but no other forms of gambling. This opened the door for state governments to license, regulate, and tax casino gaming and poker betting.

In 2012, the State of Delaware decided to legalize online casinos in their state. Delaware has long been considered the most sophisticated legal jurisdiction in the world, due to its long work as the US’s center of corporate law, so it was no surprise this particular state led all others in Internet gaming. When Nevada and New Jersey followed suit in 2013 with laws which would legalize online casinos, this probably surprised no one, since these two states have long embraced land-based gaming through their respective gambling capitals, Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The latest state to pass legislation regulating online gambling is Pennsylvania who are in the process of licensing and launching online casino and poker. What may surprise longtime observers of the American online gambling industry is the fact 4 other US states are set to consider expanding or establishing online gambling for real money in their jurisdictions in 2018. These states range from California, Illinois, New York and Massachusetts, which all have long histories of gaming-related activity.

The upshot is that American gamblers should see more licensed, legal, and legit online slots casinos for real money than they have since 2006. The era of the UIGEA squelching most decent betting opportunities for American Internet users is almost over.

Still, some states might never legalize online gambling. Utah, for example, has always been devoutly anti-gambling.

Online Slots for Real Money

Slots_Microgaming_Jurassic_ParkPlaying online slots for real money differs from land-based slot machines in several ways, both good and bad. Convenience and time management are the major reasons to gamble in the privacy of your own home on your personal computer. A gambler can sit in their most comfortable chair and drink a cold beverage from their own refrigerator. They don’t have to waste time and gas money driving to and from a brick-and-mortar location, and they don’t have to waste time getting ready to go. You can gamble for real money in your pajamas if you want to (though I’m not necessarily recommending that.)

On the other hand, you’ll have a few drawbacks. First, you’ll have the expense of a desktop or laptop computer and your monthly high-speed Internet bill. In most cases, people already have these expenses, so it’s no extra cost to you. Not everyone has a money deposit option like Neteller or Moneybookers/Skrill, so you’ll need to get one before playing slots for real money online. Visa and MasterCard will work to fund your casino account, but many people would prefer to keep their gambling deposits and withdrawals off their credit card statement and bank account statements. If this is so, consider a web wallet like the ones I mentioned. These work much like PayPal, with similar fees and terms of service, though they are more likely to allow gaming transactions.

Online Versus Live Gambling

The gaming experience is going to be different. On slots row in your favorite casino, you’ll be surrounded by bright lights and a cacophony of sounds. If you play in certain venues, you’ll also be surrounded by lots of other players and a significant amount of cigarette smoke. The graphics and sounds are first-rate because the machines used cost thousands and thousands of dollars. At home, you can be in a lit or darkened room, often by yourself, and without a whiff of cigarette smoke (unless you’re smoking). Players might not like the virtual slots on a smaller computer screen or laptop, though a person who invests in a bigger monitor and a more powerful computer can replicate a (relatively) similar gaming experience. The random number generator or RNG used to generate results works on the same principle in either case, so expect for the games themselves to be translated quite well.

One thing to keep in mind is the immersive quality of home gambling. In a casino, you’ll always have in the back of your mind you need to leave to have dinner, see a show, or simply go home for some rest. In the comfort of your house, you can fulfill all your needs without walking more than 10-30 feet. Remember to give yourself a break, or else you can lose a lot of money in an absent-minded fashion. I suggest keeping a detailed record of winning and losing sessions, just as a reminder of how the daily, weekly, and monthly gambling trends are going. This can be found on your player history on any good casino website, so at the very least, keep a close eyes on the statistics in your player account.

Common Myths

Before you begin to play real money slots online or offline, I wanted to provide a few tips and strategies, while busting a few myths about the hobby. These should help save a little money, which you can use to fund your hobby or use on some other form of entertainment after your slot sessions.

The top myth to avoid involves slot alignment and whether you can tell whether a jackpot is going to hit. The random number generators used in casino slots are true RNGs–not those based on a long list of numbers. You won’t be able to predict from the reel alignments on the last spin whether it’s about to “line up“, so don’t waste your time trying (or reading about ways to do so). Thousands of results are produced per second, and the result you get is the one that was produced in the fraction of a second when you hit the “spin” button. Nobody in this world can predict that result. This myth comes from a time when the reels were mechanical and there might have been a mechanical reason to think the reels were aligning. It’s an obsolete 20th-century method that has no place in the 21st century.

Along the same lines, don’t try progressive betting methods like the Martingale or the Laboucherre betting systems. In a progressive betting method, you increase bets by some factor every time you lose a bet. The idea is you’ll eventually have a winning spin, thus paying you back for all your losses and then some additional amount. While that works great in theory, a losing streak soon has you betting hundreds or thousands of dollars a spin, just in the hopes of winning back your money and a small bonus.

As you may have noticed, bad streaks happen to everyone in gambling, so you’ll eventually lose a huge amount playing this way. It’s factored into the house edge of the game, and computer simulations have been done by mathematicians trying a progressive betting method versus flat betting (over a billion spins). In these case, the Martingale lost more money than flat betting. In this case, the Martingale is an 18th-century gambling formula that has no place in the 21st century.

Slots Questions and Answers

Thanks to huge jackpots and immense variety, slots are easily the most popular games in online casinos. And the good news is that online slots are easy to pick up for any novice.

Nevertheless, you may have some questions about slots games as you’re playing. And here are answers to some of the most common questions that we receive.

  • The biggest fear among many slots players is whether or not they’re playing fair games. And the good news is that you can be fully confidence that online slots are fair.

    Online casinos have licensing jurisdictions that check to ensure that they’re offering completely random games. Internet casinos in the modern era don’t risk their reputation and license to rip players off.

    Even still, you should always check out reviews on online casinos before playing their slots.

  • Online slots run on random number generators (RNG), which randomly determine wins. The amount of wins that you get is determined by how frequently the RNG is programmed to pay out, as well as the long-term payback.

    Most online slots are programmed to pay back between 94% and 97%, with the latter giving you a better chance to win.

  • The house always holds an edge in online slot machines, meaning that the average player will lose in the long term. But lucky players can beat the house and win in online slots.

    The key is knowing the payback of the games you play and finding your best odds of winning.

  • Unlike skill-based games like blackjack and video poker, there is no strategy that’s guaranteed to help you win in slots. The best strategy is one that allows you to preserve your bankroll and eventually hit big wins.

  • Almost every online casino offers bonuses to entice more slots players. Some of these are no-deposit bonuses given upfront, while others force you to deposit to be eligible for a bonus.

    In both cases, you must play real money slots and meet wagering requirements to be able to cash out your bonus. For example, if you must wager 40x the bonus, you’d need to wager $4,000 total on slots to withdraw a $100 bonus.

  • Yes, you can legally play online slots in the US. Some casinos like Bovada and have been offering their services to Americans for years.

  • A random slots jackpot is one that can be hit on any spin, regardless of your bet. What’s more is that your spin doesn’t even need to win for you to hit a random progressive jackpot.

    The only catch is that you have a better chance of winning when you bet more per spin. Regardless, anybody can win, whether they’re betting one cent or one dollar per spin.

  • The first step involves checking out your desired online casino’s banking options. Next, you need to fund your account with money, then make a deposit.

    It helps if you choose a banking method that allows for both deposits and withdrawals.

  • Yes, most online casinos today accept Bitcoin as a deposit/withdrawal method. The good thing about Bitcoin is that your cashouts are processed immediately, and you don’t have to pay fees, unlike with many other payment methods.

  • Of course. Every online/mobile casino gives you the option to play their games as long as you’d like before making a deposit.

    Many Flash casinos allow you to play free slots without signing up, while others require that you do create an account.

  1. anyone know if accepts bitcoin as one of their payment solutions? i can’t find it on their page

  2. no they don’t accept bitcoin, but they are probably your best option if you want to get paid if you win.

  3. Do you guys have any exclusive bonus code for slots? i am interested but want to play with free money first.

  4. You don’t need any bonus code for playing at as long as you go through our link above and you’ll get the bonus automatically. good luck at the slots!

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