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Novomatic has been in the business for ages, even if it considers itself a young company. They began producing video slots in the 1980’s and kept on doing so until the online casino boom exploded.

Since then…

…they have been porting their old slots as well as producing some new ones. Their games are not the most modern or best looking but they do remain one of the most played. Especially in the areas in which they have traditionally been a strong supplier, which is most of middle-Europe.


…the company has been expanding its software teams. Like many others, this has mostly happened by the acquisition of smaller studios or privileged deals with them.

Clearly, the company is setting up to produce slots of even higher qualities for the online markets. Despite this Novomatic’s main focus remains in the brick-and-mortar market. The company is one of the biggest in the gambling industry, and their worldwide market reach just keeps on spreading.

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Claim to Fame

Novomatic’s success arises from its long history. As we already mentioned, the company has been producing land-based slots for decades now. This is the cornerstone on which the success of the whole company is built on.

These games became, and still are, immersive successes at most European casinos. Since those days expansions have been rapid, and Novomatic slots are pretty much available everywhere nowadays.

More Than Video Slots

They have considerable experience in producing table games, electronic table games, as well as different jackpot games. Unfortunately for the company, the latter two have not been so popular in online casinos.

What the future holds in this regard is not quite certain yet. It might be that online slots and table games are going to receive a bit more love, or the company might step out of them completely.

Lately, Novomatic has also concentrated in lottery and sports betting. They seem to be aiming to become an all-around supplier, evident by the fact that they are building their own casino back-ends.

Whatever happens…

…it is quite certain that the company will stay in the game. They have such long history, traditions and such control over the casino market that likely they will remain a big player in the field for years to come.

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Licenses and Certifications

The company operates across most of the world. Determining the licenses required for this is a bit sketchy, given that most licenses have to do with gambling operations, and not so much on providing games, software, or other content. The issue is further convoluted by the variety of license.

For example:

The company holds a lottery license in Italy, a license in the autonomous regions of Spain to offer slots, a license to offer games in Florida, and much more. Suffice to say, it holds all the important licenses.

What’s more, the company holds an ISO standard. One of the very few to do so in Europe. Though the games might not be the prettiest they certainly are among the safest.

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