Sportradar Strikes a Global Data Deal with MLB

Sportradar AG, a multinational Switzerland-based corporation that collects and analyzes sports data…

…signed an exclusive new deal with Major League Baseball (MLB). Through this deal, Sportradar will become this organization’s official global data partner.

The New Season

The new partnership will start with the beginning of the season of 2019, which begins on March 20th. This multi-year agreement will give the opportunity to the sports data solutions provider from St. Gallen to distribute MLB’s real-time game statistics all over the world.

According to the deal, Sportradar gained exclusive distribution rights for MLB real-time game statistics…

…that are collected through the league’s technology and statistics operators. It will then be able to provide media companies and regulated sports betting operators with this data.

Other Parts of the Deal

The Swiss company also has exclusive rights to distribute live, industry-standard audio-visual game feeds to gambling operators outside the US, of course, in regions where sports betting is regulated and legal.

It is important to mention that Sportradar already has the legal rights to distribute the league’s AV data to the company’s betting partners…

…thanks to the deal they made back in 2016.

When it comes to the US, the Swiss company will have the same rights for official real-time statistics distribution to media entities to support their own coverage of the league.

It will also be MLB’s official supplier of their real-time betting feed data in the US. But, distribution to sports betting operators won’t be on an exclusive basis, through the company and other authorized partners.

A Word from Vice-President

Through this deal, Spotradar will start planning on working even more with MLB in the future, in order to develop and distribute new products…

…and engage baseball fans even more, while expanding interest in baseball.

“A high-quality, reliable, and fast official data feed is the building block to creating engaging gaming products for MLB fans. Sportradar, a proven industry leader in data distribution, is perfectly positioned to help MLB deliver an exceptional official MLB betting feed,” MLB executive vice-president of gaming and new business ventures, Kenny Gersh, said.

The Mutual Benefits

MLB will also incorporate the company’s Integrity Services into their existing integrity protection measures. By doing so, Sportradar will surveil and analyze all MLB games through their fraud detection system…

…while providing MLB with educational components besides giving them access to their intelligence and investigation services.

”This is not only a tremendous opportunity for Sportradar, but ultimately it opens up new doors for MLB fans who have historically shown a proclivity for sophisticated data. We look forward to utilising our vast global experience as the global leader in the data, AV, and integrity spaces to give fans and partners an unmatched experience,” Sportradar CEO, Carsten Koerl, said.


“Sportradar seals global data deal with MLB”,, February 27, 2019.

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