Sports Betting in Connecticut Only in Casinos

Sports Betting in Connecticut Only in Casinos

Connecticut just became another US state that submitted a bill to their senate in order to allow sports betting under their jurisdiction. As many US states enthusiastically welcomed the lift of the federal ban on sports betting across the country in May of 2018, including Connecticut’s neighbors, Rhode Island, this eastern state felt rushed to introduce this type of gambling as soon as possible.

Casinos to Operate Sportsbooks

Although the bill is still up for modifications and alterations, one of its pivotal proposals is that only the casinos have the exclusive rights to operate sportsbooks. As stated in the press release, online sports gambling will be permitted, but only at the local venues licensed to conduct wagering and betting services.

The Mohegan Sun and the Foxwoods Resort, two tribal casinos positioned in Uncasville and Mashantucket, are particularly singled out as the ones that may hold the rights to this sort of betting.

In March of 2018, Connecticut also approved the construction of the state’s fourth casino, so legalizing sports gambling in this state north of New York could potentially introduce more opportunities to grow and expand the popular industry vertical.

Failiure at a Previous General Assembly Session

Connecticut’s lawmakers had a really complicated situation mid-2018…

…when The Mohegan and Mashantucket Pequot tribes insisted on classifying sports wagering as a commercial casino game. The legislators were concerned that the tribal casinos would withhold the obligatory payment to the state, if the decision isn’t made in their favor.

CT Lottery was also among the companies that pursued the license if the bill passes.

“The CT Lottery would optimize the returns to Connecticut, and we should be included in the conversations alongside other potential operators as this discussion evolves,” said Lottery spokesperson Tara Chozet.

Connecticut Under Pressure

State Senator Cathy Osten admitted that the government of Connecticut felt pressured to catch up with nearby states like Rhode Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware after they started offering legal sports betting. The pressure was really on when Rhode Island had a seven-month revenue projection of $11.5 million.

“Connecticut needs to play catch-up with surrounding states if we’re serious about modernizing our existing gaming industry. Fortunately, we can do that with a relatively simple regulatory fix. We have the infrastructure with the tribal casinos, we can use the new revenue, and we’ve got bipartisan support. This should be an early session success story,” she told for the press.

Norm Needleman, a state senator-elect also noted that two of Connecticut’s top-10 largest employers will benefit from this bill.

“The U.S. Supreme Court has already cleared the way legally, so I believe it’s incumbent on us as state policymakers to do what’s necessary to remain relevant and profitable in a rapidly expanding new national industry.” he added.

Gambling Expanding in New England

The Foxwood Resort Casino in Mashantucket signed an agreement in early 2018 with PariPlay, a leading provider in internet gaming, and extended their online gambling sector. By doing so, Connecticut, and generally speaking the whole region of New England, pushed the online gambling expansion, due to an increase in regional competition and a huge growth in online gambling revenue across the state.


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