Tiger Woods described as Blackjack Expert

Tiger Woods described as Blackjack Expert

Tiger Woods is easily one of the greatest golfers of all time, having won 14 Majors and 79 PGA tournaments. But did you know that he’s also a great blackjack player too?

Famed poker pro Phil Hellmuth discussed Woods’ blackjack acumen in a recent interview with Golf Digest. And, according to the following excerpt, it sounds like Woods knows even more about blackjack than Hellmuth:

“Tiger is excellent at blackjack. He bears down a little bit, pays attention, and plays perfect basic strategy. He takes his losing hands well and doesn’t get upset, though you do see that extra bit of focus at times. I remember having a 13 against the dealer’s 2 and not being sure what to do. Tiger immediately told me to stand—and he was right. It’s the correct play. I said, “Aren’t you supposed to be a dumb golfer?”

“He cracked up. I remember that Tiger won big that night. I’m not going into the number. But if I say big, of course it was six figures.”

It should be little surprise that Woods is a blackjack expert because he’s been playing the game for a long time.

The Las Vegas Review Journal once did a feature on Woods’ high roller play. And a Vegas VIP host told the paper that Tiger was playing for the type of money that Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley play for.

“That’s when he started stepping it up. He started playing bigger and bigger,” said the host. “Really large. How about I just say Jordan’s level? He’s definitely firing at Jordan and Barkley’s level.

“And I’ll tell you this, he’s a really good blackjack player,” the VIP host said, adding that Woods has won over $1 million in several sessions.

Stories have pegged Woods as betting between $25,000 and $200,000 per hand whenever he plays blackjack. So it’s certainly not hard to see him walking away with a few million-dollar wins at this rate. Even if Woods wasn’t winning, though, $25k to $200k per hand is manageable for a guy who’s worth $700 billion.

As for his golf play, the 40-year-old hasn’t won a Major since 2008. His earnings have also been down the past two years as he’s failed to win a tournament since 2013.

But even with his declining play, Woods makes more than enough money through endorsements to continue playing high stakes blackjack any time he wants.

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