US Economy Gains $261 Billion From Gaming

US Economy Gains $261 Billion From Gaming

The American Gaming Association (AGA) has publicly posted a financial report on the impact of the gaming industry on the US economy, conducted by Oxford Economics…

…Looking at several key aspects, such as gaming industry’s direct spending, comparison to other sectors and industry growth, the report finds that industry’s contribution to the US economy has increased by almost 10%.

Staggering Figures

The total amount generated and contributed to the US economy between 2014 and 2017 is $261 billion!

The report goes on to divulge that $40.8 billion was generated in tax revenues and that the industry provided employment for 1.8 million people – in 2014, it employed 1.7 million people…

…This analysis took into account regulated online gambling in New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware. As more and more states look to regulate online gambling and with sports betting legalization in full swing nation-wide, the figures are expected to increase dramatically by the time new report arrives.

One of the more surprising stats in the report says that more money was spent at casinos than on attending sports events in 2017 – $89 billion compared to $76 billion.

Numerous Possibilities

Sara Slane, AGA’s senior vice-president of public affairs, says that the industry’s tax revenue provides enough funding to hire 692,000 new teachers.

The research did not include lotteries, charitable gaming, slots and video lottery terminals in non-casino locations…

…Consumer spending and casino labor income has been on the constant rise since 2009, after the global economic crash the year prior.


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