US Study Shows Sports Betting Should Be Simple

Sports betting has been popular in Europe for years, but its regulation has just started across the states in North America. Earlier in the year, The US Supreme Court lifted a ban and thus allowed sports betting to be legalized.

While some of the states have already done so, the others are more reserved. American sports bettors have given us an insight into how sports betting should be regulated…

…and what the differences and similarities with its European counterpart should be.

The study is conducted by the clearinghouse for online legal sports betting The players had a chance to state their mind regarding various issues and some of the aspects that have been taken into considerations are gender, age, employment status, income, marital status and ethnicity.

Licensing and Spreading

As expected, 42% were satisfied with the fact that sports betting is now legal in Pennsylvania and they want to see it spill over the borders to the other neighboring states one of which is New York. On the other hand, 12% are dissatisfied with the fact that sports betting is taking over the country…

…whereas only 1% said that they would still bet illegally despite the fact that states are introducing regulations on this form of gambling.

“This survey illustrates that Americans are serious about sports betting and ready to place their wagers,” said Alex Donohue, Industry Expert at “While European punters are willing to wager on current events, the weather and just about anything else, the American perspective is to stick to business and focus on sports.”

No Betting on Politics:

Although American favor sports betting, they are not that interested in betting on political events and anything related to politics. Close to 65% said that political bets should remain illegal as they are inappropriate.

More than NFL Super Bowl

One of the most popular sports in the United States is NFL and the league is expected to have the major impact on the gambling industry. They will profit from legalized sports wagering but there’s more than just a Super Bowl game.

Although the grand finale attracts a large number of viewers…

…38% surveyed said that they would not bet on the biggest game of the year!

Those who did expressed their interest in betting on the Super Bowl game, the average amount they would put would be between $10 and $100.

All in all, the Americans want sports betting to be simple without any unnecessary additions which are present in European countries. They wish for it to be about sports and the outcomes.

Federal Oversight

Some US Senators are such as Chuck Schumer, advocate federal oversight of sports betting introduction. The states would still have the right to determine whether they wish sports betting to go alive within their borders…

…but the federal government would be required to help them out in order for illegal sports betting to be minimized and illegal operators to be marginalized.

However, the AGA is against it, claiming that it is unnecessary to get the federal government involved in a process which is unraveling just fine at this point.


“Survey Finds that Americans Like Their Sports Betting Plain, Simple and Regulated”, George Miller,, December 21, 2018.

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