Vibrating Penis Ring sparks Bomb Scare at German Casino

Germany’s Spielothek Casino was evacuated last week after a vibrating penis ring was mistaken for a bomb.

The scene unfolded when a Spielothek employee heard mechanical clicking noises coming from a trash can in the bathroom. The employee alerted his superiors, who then called police about the suspicious sounds.

Authorities evacuated the casino, blocked off nearby streets and called a bomb squad to investigate the matter. It didn’t take long for the bomb squad to discover that the noise in the trashcan was coming from a penis ring that was still vibrating.

According to BuzzFeed, police followed “clear guidelines” and erred on the side of caution by evacuating the casino and several nearby shops in town of Halberstadt.

“This is something I have never seen in 36 years on the force, that just tops everything,” said the local police chief.

While it might seem like a huge joke that an entire casino was emptied because of a vibrating penis ring, the sex toy made loud mechanical noises that were enhanced by the metal trash can. Somebody obviously failed to turn it off before pitching it in the waste can.

Authorities still don’t know who threw away the vibrating penis ring. However, they are trying to find the culprit to ensure that it wasn’t done intentionally as a prank.

Interestingly enough, there was actually another recent incident in Germany involving penis rings. Munich firefighters had to cut off 13 penis rings on a German fetishist when he tried to fitting one too many onto his member.

The fetishist was trying to enhance his sexual pleasure, but eventually realized that he went too far by trying to fit so many penis rings. He was rushed to the local emergency room, which then called police upon realizing that they didn’t have the proper power tools.

Firefighters showed up and used an angle grinder to remove the sex toys one by one.

Perhaps the person who tossed the vibrating ring in the Spielothek Casino incident was motivated by this story to discontinue wearing their device.