The final ‘Bonus Poker’ inspired version of this game is ‘Triple Double Bonus’. In previous two strategy articles on this game we covered ‘Double Bonus’ and ‘Double Double Bonus’. The the final article in the series we’ll look at the ‘Deuces Wild’ variation.

‘Deal Draw Poker Triple Double Bonus’ is yet another of the ‘extra bet bonus’ genre or as I like to call it ‘Bonus 2.0’. This type of game has been the most popular variation of video poker during the past decade. It’s not surprising that video poker manufacturers like to combine the new ‘extra bet bonus’ rules with the very popular and enduring ‘Bonus Poker’ games. ‘Bonus Poker’ is very likely the most popular video poker variation series in history.

The premise of the ‘extra bet bonus’ games is that the player is required to add an additional bet above his ‘per hand’ stake to activate the bonus feature. Some games only require an additional quarter but the ‘Deal Draw Poker’ series requires an additional 5 coins per hand to activate it’s bonus feature (so 10 coins per hand). Once the bonus feature is activated the player receives a multiplier on each hand or some other type of enhanced payout.

You can technically play this game as ‘regular’ ‘Triple Double Bonus’ but I recommend very strongly against it. If you’re going to play this game—or any of the other ‘extra coin bonus’ games—it’s in your best interest to play max bet and activate the bonus feature. If you want to play ‘regular’ ‘Double Double Bonus’ you’ll find plenty of machines at a casino or online that will allow you to do so. Most of the time you’ll get a better payback this way. That’s definitely true in the case of this game which doesn’t offer an especially good return. The game is offered in three, five or ten hand versions. With max coins in the ‘full pay’ variation of ‘Deal Draw Poker Triple Bonus’ offers a return of 96.63%.



In all variations of the ‘Deal Draw Poker’ series the format is pretty straightforward and easy to understand. At the beginning of the hand the player bets 10 coins (5 for the hand and 5 for the ‘bonus’) and is dealt either 3, 5 or 10 rows of cards. This happens in the usual multihand format—the player selects the hold cards from the bottom hand which are then repeated on the additional hands. When he’s done, he’ll draw to all of the hands.

The big difference is that a player is paid separately for winning hands on the deal. He may be paid for additional hands on the deal that he won’t be paid for in the ‘draw’ pay table—for example, in this game he’s paid 5 coins with max bet for a pair of 5 through 10. After he is paid for the opening hand he draws his hand as usual and gets paid for the ‘draw’ hand if applicable.


The basic premise of all of the ‘Bonus Poker’ variations is that a player receives a ‘bonus’ for certain four of a kind draws. The difference between the various types of ‘Bonus Poker’ is the specific rules surrounding how these bonuses are awarded. The ‘Triple Double Bonus’ variations differ somewhat from many of the other ‘Bonus Poker’ games as there’s not as many bonus four of a kind hands as some of the other ‘Bonus Poker’ variations. Instead, the top bonus hands receive a huge payout.

–Royal Flush
–Straight Flush
–Any Four of a Kind with or without ‘winning’ kicker
–4 to a Royal Flush
–Three Aces
–Three of a Kind w/ Kicker (2223, 2224, 3332, 3334, 333A, 4442, 4443, 444A, AAA2, AAA3, AAA4)
–Three of a Kind (222, 333, 444, AAA)
–Full House
–Three of a Kind (5-K)
–4 to a Straight Flush
–Pair of Aces
–Two Pair
–3 to a Royal Flush (KQJ)
–High Pair (JQK)
–3 to a Royal Flush (AKQ, AKJ, AQJ, KQT, KJT, QJT)
–4 to a Flush
–3 to a Royal Flush (AKT, AQT, AJT)
–Pair of 2,3 or 4
–4 to an outside straight
–3 to a straight flush
–1 pair of 5,6,7, 8, 9 or 10s
–4 to an inside straight w/ three high cards
–2 Suited High Cards
–Unsuited JQK
–Unsuited JQ
–J10 Suited
–KQ, KJ Unsuited
–KT, QT Suited
–Jack, King or Queen
–4 To an Inside Straight
–Discard Everything


As you can see in this strategy chart holding the kicker with a relevant three of a kind is essential. So if you get:

2H 2D 2S 4C X

In many video poker games you would hold:

2H 2D 2S X X

That’s the INCORRECT play in ‘Deal Draw Triple Double Bonus Poker’. The difference between four deuces (400) and four deuces with an A, 2, 3, 4 kicker (2000) is too great. Instead, this would be the correct play:

2H 2D 2S 4C X

Keep in mind that the quads—and particularly the quads with kicker bonus hands—are everything in this game. If all you’re doing is mucking about with low hands you’ll be ‘ground out’ in rapid fashion.