In this section, we’ll talk about some of the newest Deuces Wild variations to hit casino floors. Some of these will also be making their way online in the near future. These variations are so recent that the ideal strategy has yet to be formulated for them. Once they’re worked out we’ll bring the information to you first.

Thanks to advances in technology over the past twenty years, video poker manufacturers can now include multiple variations on every new game format they release. In the past, a new video poker variation would require it’s own dedicated unit to house it. That is no longer the case—the Game King Multigame video poker machine brings all of the major variations and in some cases keno and slots to casino floors as well as bars, restaurants and truck stops. Today, most of the new games that are released include a ‘deuces wild‘ variant as an option. Here are some of the newest:


This is a game that takes some time to get a handle on but once you do it’s a lot of fun. The Six Card Poker machine includes a number of game options including two ‘Deuces Wild‘ variations—basic ‘Deuces‘ and ‘Bonus Deuces‘. Any similarity to a Deuces Wild machine we’ve discussed thus far ends there. The six card poker machine deals the player three hands at a time. If a player doubles his bet instead of the usual five-card hand he gets a sixth ‘bonus card‘ on the draw. It works like this:

Player bets 5 coins per hand (15 coins) plus 5 coins per bonus card (15 coins) for a 30 coin per hand bet. If you’re going to play Six Card Poker you need to be playing all six cards. If not, you should play another game. Once the bet has been made the machine deals out one five card hand. For example:

6S 2W 7C 5S 5C X

The ‘X‘ is the empty space for the ‘sixth card‘. More about that in a moment. We’ll hold the three of a kind on this hand. The dealt hand is then ‘repeated‘ in the other two hand spaces like this:

X 2W X 5S 5C X

X 2W X 5S 5C X

X 2W X 5S 5C X

When we hit ‘draw‘ we’ll be dealt two cards per five-card hand PLUS a bonus ‘sixth card‘. Hands are paid based on both five and six cards. So let’s hit ‘draw‘:


5H 2W 2W 5S 5C 2W

8C 2W KC 5S 5C AD

The top and bottom hands give us a three of a kind which pays 5 coins. The middle hand gives us a five of a kind (on the first five cards) AND a ‘six of a kind‘ (with the ‘bonus card‘). The five of a kind pays 60 coins with a max bet but the ‘six of a kind‘ gives us a huge 1000 coin payout.
With max coins bet this game pays as follows on the ‘5 card hand‘:

  • Royal Flush w/o Deuces 4000
  • 4 Deuces 1000
  • Royal Flush w/ Deuces 100
  • 5 of a Kind 60
  • Straight Flush 45
  • 4 of a Kind 25
  • Full House 15
  • Flush 10
  • Straight 10
  • Three of a Kind 5

Adding the ‘Bonus Card‘ the ‘six card hands’ pay as follows:

  • Six Card Straight: 35
  • Six Card Flush 75
  • Six Card Straight Flush 250
  • Six Card Royal Flush w/ Deuces 400
  • Six of a Kind 1000
  • Four Deuces w/ a Pair 4000
  • Six Card Natural Royal Flush 8000

A six-card royal flush includes the ‘nine‘ making it 9-10-J-Q-K-A of the same suit. Four deuces with a pair is any hand like this:

2W 2W 2W 2W 3C 3S

Another thing worth noting—your ‘Sixth Card‘ can also complete a ‘Five Card‘ hand. For example, let’s say you’re dealt:

2W 7C 7S X X 7H

You’ll get paid for a Four of a Kind on the first five cards!

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The game also includes Bonus Triple Play, Bonus Deluxe Triple Play, Double Double Bonus Triple Play, Triple Play Jacks or Better and Triple Double Bonus Triple Play. All games are also available in five hands and ten hand options. Personally, I wouldn’t mess around with the five or ten hand options until you’re very comfortable with the gameplay since it is significantly different from any other video poker game you may be used to.

To get started, you should use your basic ‘Deuces Wild‘ strategy. It could be a case where some adjustments are called for to better facilitate the high paying six card hands but that’s something we won’t know until we ‘crunch some numbers‘.