We’ll continue with our strategy coverage of the ‘Wheel Poker’/’Bonus Poker’ mashup. The third of the five ‘Bonus Poker’ derivations is ‘Wheel Poker Double Bonus’. ‘Wheel Poker’ is a surprisingly popular game and another of the extremely popular ‘added bet bonus’ format. ‘Bonus Poker’, of course, is arguably the most successful video poker variation in history. Like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups it’s two great tastes that taste great together. This game is found in 7 variations—five ‘Bonus Poker’ based games and two ‘Deuces Wild’ games.

The ‘Added Bet Bonus’ series is something we’ll refer to often in our video poker strategy articles. It’s a catch all term for games that require an added bet beyond the usual 5 coins per hand stake most commonly found in video poker. Some games require an entire extra bet (so 10 coins per hand) while others require the player to bet just one additional coin per hand (as is the case here). The specifics of these games vary widely but usually they involve giving the player a bonus payout for certain hands (usually Four of a Kind).

As is the case with most of the ‘added bet bonus’ style games you can play this game as a regular ‘Double Bonus Poker’ game by betting just five coins per hand. In my opinion at least, this isn’t a good idea. If you’re going to play this game—or any other ‘added bet bonus’ variation–you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t bet to activate the bonus feature. If you want to play ‘regular’ ‘Double Bonus Poker’ you’ll have no trouble finding a machine in any casino in the world or online. You’ll get a better payout that way. Besides, the ‘Wheel Poker Double Bonus’ game offers a decent payback percentage with max coins in of 99.51%


The ‘Wheel Poker’ bonus feature is very easy to understand which might account for some of it’s appeal. It has an animated ‘mini game’ feature that appeals to slots players and offers a decent payback percentage as well. The game is usually found on ‘MultiGame’ machines which include the 7 different game variations in 3 play and 5 play versions. The player wagers six coins per hand (5 + 1 bonus) meaning that he’ll bet 18 coins in the 3 play version and 30 coins in the five play version.

The bonus is activated when the player hits a natural 4 of a Kind . When this happens the player is immediately asked to press a ‘Spin’ button on the screen. A wheel (very similar to the wheel on the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ game show) drops down from the top of the screen. The wheel has numbers from 100 to 2000. The wheel spins and once it lands on a number that amount is added to the player’s win for that hand.


Another reason for the popularity of the ‘Wheel Poker’ series is that players don’t have to learn a new strategy to play it. Since the goal here is to get 4 of a Kind hands to activate the bonus feature you’re basically working toward the same end as in regular ‘Bonus Poker’. The strategy we’ll use here is the same that we’d use on a regular ‘Double Bonus’ video poker game.

–Royal Flush
–Straight Flush
–Any Four of a Kind
–4 to a Royal Flush
–Three Aces
–Full House
–Three of a Kind (2-K)
–4 to a Straight Flush
–Two Pair
–High Pair
–4 to a Flush
–3 to a Royal Flush
–4 to an outside straight
–Low Pair
–AKQJ Unsuited
–3 to a straight flush
–4 to an inside straight w/ three high cards
–Unsuited JQK
–Unsuited JQ
–KQ, KJ Unsuited
–J10 Suited
–AK, AQ, AJ Unsuited
–KT Suited
–Jack, King or Queen
–Discard Everything