Are Virtual Reality Casinos the Future of Gaming?

Are Virtual Reality Casinos the Future of Gaming?

The online gaming industry is constantly undergoing innovations, with the latest craze being skill-based slots. But looking much farther ahead, will we see far more virtual reality gaming at online casinos in the future?

It’s very likely that virtual reality gambling would be a hit among many people. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy being closer to the slot characters that they see on the reels? However, the biggest problem would be clearing the legal red tape surrounding this idea. discussed this subject in detail, and they predict that some gambling jurisdictions would outlaw VR gaming completely, while others would simply put restrictions on the activity.

Regardless of how the legality issue shakes out, a company called SlotsMillion is forging ahead with its vision for a VR casino. Here’s a description of what the casino would be like:

Despite the fact that the Oculus Rift headset is unlikely to become commercially available at least until Q1 of 2016, online gambling company SlotsMillion has spent the past seven months rendering its online casino experience in VR.

The result is a casino lobby in the clouds, on the 80th floor of a skyscraper in a futuristic, Blade Runner-esque cityscape. Here, you can prop up the bar, choose to play any number of immersive 3D slots games, interact with other players, and experience very real vertigo when you lean against the windows and look down.

SlotsMillion deals with Maltese gaming regulators, who requested that clocks be placed on the virtual walls so that players would always be aware of time spent on VR gambling. This is quite a change from land-based casinos, which are often void of clocks to prevent people from paying attention to time. Another request by Malta was that, during multi-player tournaments, each player’s cash balance remain private.

The one problem with SlotsMillion’s VR casino is that there’s currently no market since we’re still years away from virtual reality being the next big thing. But once SlotsMillion does begin selling their Oculus Rift product, it could retail upwards of $350. Plus, the goggles will likely require a strong gaming PC, which costs in the neighborhood of $1,500.

Regardless of the cost, VR gaming is a very intriguing concept that could one day be the future of online gaming. But for now, skill-based slots will remain what all the hype is about.