Washington, DC Seeks To Regulate Sports Betting

Washington, DC Seeks To Regulate Sports Betting

Wave after wave of US states have already acted on regulating and completely legalizing sports betting, with a certain number of them already bearing fruit and counting cash from it

…Ever since the US Senate sent shockwaves across the entire nation by repealing PASPA in May, it was only a matter of time before the US capital was to become the object of this movement.

Sports Betting is Coming Home

The initiative for this comes primarily from DC Councilman, Jack Evans, who seeks to regulate sports betting at a local level at first…

…Smaller shops and betting sports would capitalize from this, before DC Lottery is authorized to run the sports betting business in nation’s capital.

Why the lottery? Well, Washington D.C. has no land casinos, at all! In most other states’ cases, land-casinos are in charge of running sportsbooks (usually in conjunction with some of the licensed sportsbook providers). In the case of DC, both online and in-person, “land” betting would have to be catered by the DC Lottery.

Last Tuesday, Evans has introduced the Sports Wagering and Lottery Amendment Act to DC Council.

Gaining Support

What is of biggest importance to Evans is that his bill is getting unanimous support by some rather esteemed individuals in local government…

…His colleagues, Mayor Muriel E. Bowser and Council Chairman, Phil Mendelson, are among those backing Evans’ initiative.

Neighboring states, such as Maryland and West Virginia, already offer sports betting services and Washington residents who’d like to gamble flock to their casinos.

In Maryland, MGM Resort chose the venue there in part due to its proximity to the capital, and Hollywood Casino in West Virginia’s Charles Town, is another popular place where DC-ers go to spend their money and hope to cash in from sports events.

Challenge Accepted

It was an article in August’s Washington Post where Hollywood casino’s general manager said his casino was targeting capital and wishes to be “the only game in town,” that pushed Evans into action.

Evans’ official statement reads as follows:

“Today, we take the first steps towards capturing this exciting new stream of revenue, instead of watching District resident dollars fill the coffers of other jurisdictions.”

He continues: “The District of Columbia will be the leader in a fast-growing industry. The city should take advantage of our ability to act before the Maryland or Virginia legislatures to create a thriving sports betting market, which will attract consumers to the District and generate revenue for District residents.”

He plans to approve sports betting taxes at 10%, with a portion of that going directly to a childhood-wellness program.


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